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Blackjack Variations - Counting Blackjack Cards

Is blackjack card counting legal?

Casinos have tried different ways to avoid blackjack card counting. In France, the law does not stipulate the prohibition of this practice. 

However, the casino can make you understand that you have been spotted and even reserve the right to ban a player using this solution from a casino, this after several warnings of course.

Remember to find out if you go to a casino because the regulations are not the same everywhere. As in Monaco, for example, where this practice is prohibited by law.

The most stingy with calculations will say that this strategy will always be considered as one of the most reliable for increasing your earnings.

Counting applications are not prohibited in casinos, as this remains an authorized technique during your games.

What is the classic way to count cards in blackjack?

Now that you know the basics of the game, the goal of the classic counting system is to figure out how to count the blackjack cards that have already come out of the machine to determine what the odds are that the dealer does not draw this or that card afterward and to predict there one is going to have an advantage over others or not.

A strategy must be done over several turns because the machine for shuffling the cards does not contain only one deck!

This is the advantage of blackjack (unlike poker) and therefore a chance for users: each card is placed on the tables on its face up, except the dealer’s cards for which only one of the two cards is visible. All the players as well as the croupier can know their values.

The most important thing in winning and anticipating cards: knowing the game. The most important point in determining your advantage over the game. Determine which cards have been dealt to deduce the dealer’s hand and the remaining cards in the game. machines.

When you start your counting, you will need to start from 0 after a shuffle of cards. Its purpose is to determine the house edge. Because the users play together against the casino:

Count +1 : for cards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6;Count 0: for cards 7, 8, and 9;Count -1: for cards 10, J, Q, K, and A.

If the total value is close to 0, then we say that the shoe is neutral: neither the house (the croupier) nor a player has the advantage.

If the total is negative, it means that no player has an advantage in the game. It is advisable to leave the table or to bet very small.

If, on the contrary, your total is high, this means that the strong cards (10, J, Q, K, and A) have not yet come out of the shoe.

Our most important tip is to spot the value of each card at a glance and figure out the total very quickly in your head. This way you reduce the chances that someone will mistake you for a meter.

The purpose of this solution is to give a value by assigning points to each card to determine how to bet. The count value can be changed if you prefer to calculate the probabilities in another way.

The Hi-Low: a famous variant for blackjack counting cards

Who says techniques and strategies also say variants. Indeed, if more mathematicians have set up a method for counting cards, there is necessarily an alternative that may be more suitable for you.

Moreover, there are other alternatives for blackjack counting cards that it is possible to find on the net such as the Omega II system, the KO, or the Wong Halves. For our part, we have instead bet on the Hi-Low solution for its reliability.

This strategy consists of supplementing your classic card counting with more precision. You will have to mentally determine the value of the remaining cards in the shoe during your game. Thanks to a system of points higher or lower than 0, this technique is more balanced and more reliable.